Prediction markets without money

One of my favourite websites currently is Metaculus – it is an opinion/prediction aggregator where players give 1%-99% predictions for the likelihood of various events. Depending on your prediction and the outcome of the event (as well as the predictions of others) you receive or lose points for being right or wrong. Increasing your confidence […]

We won the Data Science Institute’s Summer Datachallenge!

Last week, Alvis Tang (another PhD student at the Centre for Complexity Science) and found out we had won the Summer Datachallenge, a data science competition hosted by Imperial’s . Well, we were joint winners with another Physicist at Imperial, Jason Cole but we were still very pleased. The challenge involved taking a load of […]

About me

I’m James Clough, a PhD student in Physics at Imperial College London – this is my personal website. I am currently working in the Centre for Complexity Science (formerly the Complexity & Networks group) at Imperial, supervised by Dr. Tim Evans, and Prof. Kim Christensen. My research is in complex networks, and my interest is […]